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IRS systems – Integrated Reception System

An Integrated Reception System (IRS) is a Digital TV aerial system installed in a building with multiple dwellings to provide a range of TV services to the residents. This system is delivered on standard coax.

The IRS consumer cables usually terminate at the main TV point in the resident’s home giving them “plug & play” capability for services such as Sky, Sky+ , SkyHD, SkyQ, Freesat, Freeview, DAB & FM radio and CCTV.

Fibre IRS System

Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS) is an innovative, non-disruptive and cost-effective solution to providing broadcast signals to MDU’s (Multiple Dwelling Units).  It distributes the signals from communal antennas to each home in a block, providing each with access to digital satellite TV and radio, digital terrestrial TV, FM and DAB radio.

Other IRS System Configurations

Foreign Satellite services can be added to an IRS system in blocks where there is a high degree of diversity or a demand for non-English programming.

These configurations are called 9wire, 13- wire or 17 wire systems and are installed based on similar principles to what is described above.  The main and most obvious difference will be the number of satellite dishes required to serve the new system (a 9 wire system has 2 dishes a 13 wire system has 3 dishes and a 17 wire system has 4 dishes).  These systems also usually incorporate a larger “Head-end’ and additional consumer cables to bring the additional services into each residents home.

Fibre IRS – good for residents:

  • same service/equipment/subscription choices as individual homes
  • freedom to choose broadcast supplier and services
  • multi-rooming possibilities
  • homes and ‘plug and play’ for new residents
  • wide range of TV and radio channels, free and pay access to HD & 3D TV
  • continuity of service through digital switchover specialist channel choice (ethnic, foreign channels)

Fibre IRS – good for you

  • no individual aerials and dishes on the property
  • cost-effective solution
  • easy to install
  • time saving
  • residents’ demands for digital services are fully satisfied
  • future-proof, adds value for potential new residents
  • no waterproofing necessary
  • few cables than copper installation
  • one single checkpoint for maintenance

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