Home Cinema Installation in Kent, Surrey and London

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Home Cinema Installation in Kent, Surrey & London

A Home Cinema, Media Room, Games room, call it what you will, a luxury home needs a luxury big screen entertainment room. The Home Cinema isn’t just a TV Room, it’s a luxury experience every time you enter.

We design rooms to exceed your every expectation, bringing the ultimate movie experience home. Using state of the art technology, every room is designed in 3D, to industry standards to ensure every speaker is in the correct position, the screen is the correct size and every seat feels like the best seat in the house.

Once the equipment is built into the design we start to add layers of interior design, incorporating accurate models of the seating and fabric chioices. At this point we can give you a virtual tour of your new room using a Virtual Reality Headset, so that you can see every detail right before we start the build. 

Homeworks AV offer:

Utilising the latest technology, let us transform any room in your home into your perfect home cinema venue.

Our team will work with you to design and create a bespoke entertainment system to suit your requirements; we can offer many different solutions, from a single discreet screen in a living room to a fully immersive and dedicated digital projection unit. With hidden cables and complimentary sound and lighting solutions, we can bring the big screen to you and give you an immersive, authentic experience within your own home

Our rooms cater for to all budgets from £10,000 to the limit of your imagination. The basic building blocks remain the same, a 4K projector or Extra large screen TV, an immersive surround sound system which enveolpes you, placing you right in the heart of the action, and deep powerful subwoofers that bring the action and excitment.

As budget increases, the number of speakers will grow, from 5 to 7 or even 9 at ear level, with extra speakers added into the ceiling for a fully 3D Dolby Atmos set up. Soundproofing allows you to use the room at any time, day or night, without disturbing the family, while acoustic room treatment allows us to reduce the effects that the room itself has on the sound quality so that your speakers can shine.


Typically these systems would include an integrated AV Processor and Amplifier from Onkyo, with a range of high quality speakers for In Wall, On Wall or Floor Standing requirements.

A 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos speaker layout with a single subwoofer provides a good starting point, upgrading to a second subwoofer and additional surround speakers, as budget allows.

Using a bright and detailed Projector with a fixed or motorised screen, Bronze systems are great for Smaller spaces with a single row of seating.

Bronze systems typically do not include interior design, room treatment or seating.


At this point we provide a turn key room, including seating and acoustic treatment.

Separate AV Processing and amplification, often from Arcam, provides a large step up in audio quality.

Specialist Cinema speakers from brands such as Dynaudio, Definitive Technology and Procella become options at this level, usually in a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos configuration, with 2 subwoofers.

Motorised recliners with in a choice of finishes and bespoke lighting details elevate our Silver systems to the look and feel of a true Cinema.


Our Gold systems typically start at £100,000, with the focus on maximising every detail using the finest products and materials for your room.

At this level we utilise world class consultant specialists in their field to bring together the ultimate delivery team. Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, Acousticians and Soundproofing experts are all on hand, as well as multi award winning room designers from Home Theatre Environments and Cinematech, allowing us to provide the perfect room. These rooms far exceed the typical commercial cinema.

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