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Commercial and Domestic Alarm systems for Kent, Surrey and London

A cost effective way to protect your belongings from unwanted guests. Homeworks AV Ltd has many years experience in designing, installing and commissioning intrusion detection systems catered for your individual needs.

We provide alarm systems for residential and commercial systems with a site survey and estimating process.

We can install wireless or wired alarm systems.

Homeworks AV offer:

  • Advanced CCTV camera systems
  • Smart alarm systems
  • Secure, simple to use gate and door control
  • Secure remote access
  • Home monitoring and control kits

Intruder Alarms Kent, Surrey & London – Homeworks AV

If you are looking for an effective way to improve security at your property, intruder alarms for Kent, Surrey & London from Homeworks AV could be a worthwhile investment. Security for your home or commercial premises can help protect against theft or vandalism that could leave you with unwanted expenses and wasted time.

We offer intruder alarm systems which are designed to provide the high standards of protection that both domestic and commercial customers require. By detecting unwanted intruders, these alarms can alert you to any breach of your premises, and can be effectively used in both occupied and empty premises.

Burglar Alarms for Peace of Mind

Our burglar alarms for Kent, Surrey & London have been chosen by a wide variety of customers who are looking for a reliable security solution. In the event of an alarm being activated, an audible and visual alert will be issued alongside a transmission to the alarm receiving centre if you have opted for this service.

You might be worried that one of our burglar alarm systems will be out of your price range, but security alarms have become much more accessible for all homeowners and commercial customers in recent years. As a cost-effective way to prevent break-ins, intruder alarm systems cannot be beaten.

A burglary will result in much more than just a loss of stock or possessions, and can also lead to delays and disruption of your business, as well as costly downtime. All of this can be avoided with a simple investment in a burglar alarm.

Burglar Alarms for Kent, Surrey & London

We can provide monitoring for burglar alarms at commercial and residential properties alike, as well as a comprehensive installation, maintenance and repairs service. We also offer bespoke alarm systems which can be tailored to the individual requirements of each of our customers.

With an emergency 24 hour callout service which can provide assistance when you need it most, as well as free surveys to make our services more affordable, we offer security services and alarm systems — including fire alarms — which meet consistently high standards.

We work throughout the South East, including Kent, Surrey & London. To learn more about our alarms or other ways of effectively protecting your property, contact us today on 07595 039586

CCTV systems for Kent, Surrey and London

As a leading supplier of the latest and most sophisticated CCTV systems in Kent, Surrey and London, you can rest assured that the security of your property is in safe hands with Homeworks AV. We can take care of every aspect of the installation and maintenance of your CCTV system, and can also offer reliable technical support to ensure that your system is always operating affectively and efficiently.

Investing in the latest technology from Homeworks AV will help to safeguard your property from the threat of illegal entry or vandalism, which will give you confidence that your family or employees are protected. We work with both domestic and commercial clients, always providing the best, most appropriate and effective security solutions.

Whether we are installing CCTV or another security system, all of the products and services we provide are designed to offer protection of the highest standards.

Surveillance Services Kent, Surrey and London

Our integrated CCTV systems combine surveillance cameras with access control, intruder alarms and other technologies to provide a comprehensive security solution in one quality package.

This will help to ensure that a high standard of security is always maintained, whether at home or at your commercial property.

We can install CCTV anywhere in Kent, Surrey and London and complement this with a reliable maintenance service, which includes  visits to check that your system is working efficiently and reliably. You can also be content in the knowledge that the maintenance package offered by our team will always comply with the Data Protection Act and ACPO guidelines.

CCTV Systems throughout the South East

Serving all of Kent, Surrey and London – we also provide security services to customers throughout the South East. If you require CCTV systems in Central London, Homeworks AV should be your first port of call.

We have overt, covert and discreet CCTV models available, as well as both colour and mono cameras with infra-red, so whatever your requirements, trust us to identify and supply the best solution for your needs.

Are you ready to update your property with CCTV cameras? Contact us today on 07595 039586.

Door Entry Systems in Kent, Surrey and London

Video Entry systems can be provided for a single door or an apartment lock/ complex consisting of social housing multiple dwellings and private apartment blocks.

Within each apartment Homeworks AV can provide a system that may include:

Audio only handsets or Mono/Colour Handsets

…with speech and screen facility that residents can verify or view who the caller is at the main entrance of the block and then release the lock on the entrance doors and allow access to their visitors.

Concierge Desk

Visitors to the apartment complex may call the concierge desk for deliveries or after being unable to speak to a resident – the concierge can authorise access to the complex.  The Concierge will also have the ability to communicate to all residents’ apartments and vice versa with residents’ communication to the concierge desk.  The concierge desk will have a desk mounted video monitor to view the main entrance.

Audio/ Video door entry panels

…provided by Homeworks AV are normally stainless steel vandal proof resistant with either functional door number buttons or a digital system to press to call the apartment or concierge button.

Access control for residents

…within he apartments can be provided by standalone systems or a PC based system with software to manage the distribution of fobs to the residents.  Where there is the need to manage a large complex of apartments or for local councils with large estates across the borough, there is a need to have a managed system with access fob administration on a dedicated PC and software located within a control room or on site in a secure location.

IP video entry

…is also available with IP compatible wiring and is an ideal system in large residential complexes that have a high number of residents, as the cabling element is vastly reduced as all video entry devices and connected to the LAN (local area network).  By providing the Lan – it is not only the video entry system that can be connected, but also CCTV and access control.

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