Ultra HD Fisheye IP Camera: 360° Vision with no blind spots

The 360° view means it has no blind spots when mounted centrally to a location. When mounted on the ceiling the camera can see directly below it and all around for a full 360° view.

The special firmware in the ZipNVR “de-warps” the image so that the user can view the areas like there are multiple individual CCTV cameras installed. Although the camera doesn’t move, or have any moving parts, you can look around its angle of view just like you were controlling a standard mechanical PTZ. Of course you have the benefit it has no moving parts to wear out and you only have to install one small discrete camera rather than multiple cameras.

If you fit a MicroSD card to the ZipFishEye you can use it to record footage without an NVR, this can be a useful back-up recording method or used in its entirety for covert jobs. You would play this footage back and de-warp it using the easy to use ZIP client supplied with the camera.

The built in microphone picks up decent quality speech, which is great for evidential purposes when pure video alone isn’t good enough. The camera also has a tiny built in speaker which can deliver a low level audio output. You can use it to deliver a message to a staff member, shop lifter or simply tell the kids to get to sleep and switch the tablet off!


360° Viewing Angle – No blind Spots • Built in Microphone & Speaker • True Day/Night Mechanical IR • Micro SD Card for Local Recording • Alarm Input & Output – Flexibility • With free ZIP client • CVBS Output – easy set up • 3 IR LEDs up to 5M range • No Lights, no problem • True Day/Night filter – for great colour reproduction • Dual H264 and H265 Encoding • 12V DC or 48V PoE powered

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The superb new Zip FishEye IP camera provides a great solution for wider CCTV coverage with less hardware.